The controversy that I chose to write about was Children Vaccinations. I personally am for vaccinations for children. I think that it should be a mandatory thing with exceptions to religious beliefs and for medical purposes which is already covered by a federal law. There are many people who are against vaccinating their children because of side effects of vaccinations which is understandable but at the same time they have to think about the big picture. If your child is simply playing with kids at a park and one kid has a disease that isn’t physically visible and your child is playing with them, they could easily spread that disease to your child. I have read some articles about some of the horror stories of children who’s parents refused to vaccinate their children. For some reason many of the articles I read were based out of California, and back in 2010 there was a huge Whooping Cough outbreak and 10 children lost their lives. I can’t imagine the grief and maybe regret that the parents felt because they chose not to vaccinate their children. I just think it’s so important because you wouldn’t ever want to put someone else’s child in harms way but you also wouldn’t want to put you own kids through that. It isn’t logical to me why people would refuse these vaccines, and apparently it isn’t logical to many doctors that have to deal with it because so many practices refused to take patients who refused vaccinations because how important they are to prevent disease. Many of the Anti- Vaccination stories I read the parents said that they think that their child’s immune system will just work well enough to fight these things off. Your immune system isn’t going to just fight off the measles etc. When discussing anything about children I always think of my youngest brother Brennan who is ten years old and is still in elementary school. I couldn’t ever imagine anything bad happening to him and it’s scary to think that PARENTS don’t even take other children in to consideration when they are making these types of decisions. This took my interest because of all the uproar it has caused in America over these past couple of years and I think it’s a very serious topic that needs attention. We need everyone to be educated on Vaccinations and what the consequences may be if we don’t take them seriously, we should take advantage of what science has given us to stay in good health. Life is too short and since small children can’t defend themselves especially in this situation, this is when society should take a stand!!

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#endthestigma of mental illness

I think that many stigma’s against mental illness come from fear. Fear that these people are “crazy” and “dangerous” but they aren’t. They are normal people just like me and you. Their brain just works differently then what we call “normal”. I think there is a large range of mental illness. Anywhere from being depressed to being schizophrenic, they are mental illnesses that people have to live with everyday so that is their “normal”. In a way I do think it should be considered a different kind of normal because that is the way there life is and no two lives are the same.. mental illness or not. The illnesses that these people face in my opinion are still diseases because there are side effects that come along with things like schizophrenia. Hallucinations are one of the side effects of schizophrenia, but just because someone’s brain works differently doesn’t automatically mean that they are violent or need to be feared. I think that most significant change that needs to be brought in to our community is educating people about mental illness. I think that if people were more educated about different mental illnesses they wouldn’t have such a harsh stigma. I bet we are around people with things like bipolar disorder or depression etc. and we don’t even know it. I bet you wouldn’t know if someone had a mental illness if you walked past them on the street, so why would you judge them if you found out they did? The video I watch on mental illness stigmas opened my eyes to how these stigmas effect the people with mental illness. They know that people think they are “different” and they know people fear them. Could you imagine knowing that people who may not even know you would think or say such terrible things about you. It puts people in an ever darker place, making them feel alone. Why don’t we embrace people with mental illness and figure out ways to help them feel a sense of “normal” or just comfort so that they don’t feel so different. Mental illness doesn’t have to be a scary thing, we can try to learn to understand the people who have these illnesses. Society needs to stop making assumptions about people and their lives before they know what they go through every day of their lives, and what their families have gone through that may have had other mental illnesses. End the stigma against people with mental illness!!!!

Why can’t my education be cheap too?

So social justice is all about making things equal for every type of person around the world. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, or what race you are, or where you have been or how much money you have or don’t have. A change that I would like to see in this world, is equal education opportunities. They have programs for Native Americans, African-Americans, and Illegal immigrants to get them through school for very cheap or for free. I wonder how people would feel if there was a program that was for “Caucasian People Only” and we got our school paid for because we were white. I’ve been hearing a lot on the news recently about “white privileged”  people but I don’t see where white people have any more opportunity than anyone else especially when it comes to financial help with education. I would love to see that everyone got help with school or if they would lower costs so that no one had issues being able to get a college degree considering you have to have one to make good money in the real world. I don’t understand why only certain people in America get great education opportunities. Even illegal immigrants get their school paid for and  I can’t even get financial aid. If my parent’s weren’t together and my mom was a single parent I would be able to practically get my school paid for in full. My dad is out of work right now so my mom is the only one providing and there are four of us going to school which we all have to pay in full for because we don’t qualify for financial aid and our parents are limited to helping us out because they also have bills to pay. I just think that race shouldn’t have anything to do with education. I think it’s a form of segregation and stereotyping. College shouldn’t be so expensive in general so that it wouldn’t be such a struggle for people to work and go to school and still be able to live comfortably. It’s hard to work towards your future when you have to figure out a way you are gonna pay for your education and still actually even have the time to attend the classes. The change I would like to see is everyone having an equal opportunity to afford a college education.

Exploring my writing- my story

In my short 20 years of life I have experienced so much. I have had many experiences that some may not have had. I have seen life leave this world and I have also seen life be brought in to this world. October 6,2014 I got to meet one of gods little creations. His name was Liam James and he has changed my family’s life in the best ways possible. Liam is my oldest sisters baby. He’s my first nephew and also the first grandchild in our family and he’s the first great grandchild. Liam had a tough time coming in to this world. He spent the first five days of his new existence in the NICU. Today he is coming up on 4 months of life and he is as happy and healthy as a baby boy could be!

Before Liam, my sister and I had a terrible relationship. One that I didn’t think would ever be repaired considering the fact that we lived in the same home and couldn’t even be in the same room as each other. My sister and I have always been very different people. We dressed differently, we hung out with a different crowd, and we have made different life choices. Therefore, we haven’t had got along for a very long time. It was a scary thought for me finding out that she was pregnant and we were on such bad terms because all I want is to be apart of her baby’s life. I knew that something needed to change between us before this baby was born. Although it was never really said we both knew that we needed to meet in the middle and try to get along. Over the last few months of her pregnancy things were looking up for her and I. It is just crazy to me how something so small can make such a huge impact on others lives. If it weren’t for Liam I really don’t know what kind of relationship my sister and I would have. But, now we have a common ground and we have something to bond over. I really do believe he was a miracle. He brought my whole household back together. My parents have a better relationship with my sister also. She really has changed so much in such a positive way since the baby. I am so grateful that I have been able to have this experience to be an aunt and to be able to love this creature more than I ever thought I could love another human being.